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Jun. 10th, 2010

When Rookies Attack

I haven't seen RAW; in fact, I usually miss RAW, as it shows here at 3.30 in the afternoon on a Wednesday and if I'm lucky I'm still somehow coherent at work (I also keep on forgetting to record it, despite only needing to press one stupid button to do it).

Anyway, I was pretty iffy about watching it at all, as I'm not a big fan of 'interactive' entertainment - if I think WWE Creative is usually shit when it comes to booking matches, the fans are infinitely worse. An individual may be smart, but the addition of more people diminishes IQ, and as a mass we are fucking tools. So, after having a quick read through of results, I found that I was right in my assumptions.

Until, of course, I came to the end where the NXT rookies apparently waged an all-out war against the main event, taking out John Cena. Now this could potentially be interesting, provided it is handled correctly. I am officially intrigued. Well played, WWE, I will contentedly watch where this goes...
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Jun. 9th, 2010

I Really Ought to Have Better Things to Do

I've been editing the tags on each of my individual entries in an effort to clean up this journal (I've gotten to early 2006 so far) just because I'm pretty anal like that. In doing so I've realized how many typos I have in each entry. Seriously, it's embarrassing. What in the fuck was I in such a hurry for?

This has always been my problem - I have reasonable typing speed (between 65-69 words per minute), but really shitty accuracy (I average somewhere at 80%). Plus, like everybody else, I think a hell of a lot faster than I type. Or, alternatively, I don't think at all when I type.

I have learned my lesson. Must engage brain before typing. And doing a quick read through of each post wouldn't hurt either.

Jun. 8th, 2010


Oh hey, I did have a Live Journal floating around the world wide web, didn't I?

It's been almost a year, and after doing a quick skim through of the last few entries I can safely say that my life has not changed one bit. Nada. It's fucking pathetic and more than a little depressing. But I make do. I'm a happy girl. Or maybe I just don't care. Let's go with the second one.

Wages came in today, so did a long-awaited refund. Term deposit matures in a few days too. I'm in the money... I'm in the money... until I get credit happy... and then I'll be broke again...

Addressing the post right before this one; as everybody vaguely aware of the wrestling-verse knows Umaga passed away sometime late last year - December, as a quick search on Wikipedia yields. RIP, Eddie Fatu.

Been downloading; got into a little trouble. Shit, will need to ease up on the uTorrent for a while.

How do you wrestle a 45-kilo Labrador? Answer - you don't; he wrestles you.

Don't be fooled by the big, doggy eyes. He is a mammoth. A mammoth, I tell you.

I think it's officially winter Down Under. I'm freezing. I should probably pull a sweater on, but it's like a whole eight steps from the desk to the closet. Ooh, but it's only one long reach over to the heater remote control. Hehehe... click.

Well, going to bed now. Still got a full day of work ahead. Ah, human existence. It's the little things that prevent us from all blowing our brains out.

Have a good night.

Jun. 10th, 2009

And He Had Just Started Becoming Comprehensible Too

While I've never been a fan of Umaga or the whole gimmick, I didn't expect this suddenly happening, especially just a day after his match with CM Punk at the Extreme Rules PPV.

'World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of SmackDown Superstar Umaga as of today, June 8, 2009. WWE wishes Umaga the best in all future endeavors.'

First Kennedy, now Umaga? What the hell are these guys doing backstage?

... On second thought, seeing as both of them were involved in the Signature Pharmacy scandal of a few years ago, I don't think I want to know.

And, on a side note, apparently Vickie Guerrero's profile has been removed from the RAW roster page. Dare I actually hope?
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Jun. 9th, 2009

Heard Any Good 'Kill Bill' Jokes Lately?

So it may be old news, but for the sake of making a semi-interesting post I'll put it up anyway. A few days ago my mom told me that David Carradine was found dead in a hotel room in Bangkok. She also went on to say that the word 'suicide' was being thrown around, as he was found naked in the closet with a rope around his neck.

Uh, after hearing that, I wasn't quite thinking 'suicide'. It was more like 'kinky' with low red lights, funky music and someone yelling 'Bom-chika-wa-WA' in the background. As it turns out my guess was right, along with millions of other people who probably thought of the first plausible reason for that type of death - erotci asphyxiation. Following reports from Carradine's fourth wife who said that the actor enjoyed 'deviant sexual behavior' (no duh, I guess), it does seem the likely cause.

I was pretty sure that Carradine couldn't have been the first person to have accidentally offed himself in this way, so I went looking for other persons of note. A quick scan at Wikipedia offered these other cases:

> The first recorded case was of a composer named Frantisek Kotzwara in 1791, possibly launching copycats who thought 'Hey, that sounds kinda fun; let's give it a try'.

> Michael Hutchence, formerly the lead singer of INXS, was initially rumored to have died in this manner, but it was eventually ruled as suicide in 1997.

And, my favorite:

> In 1936 Sada Abe of Tokyo, Japan, erotically asphyxiated her lover and then cut off his genitalia, which she then carried around in her handbag for several days. She caused widespread panic and has since spawned a sort of legacy since her disappearance in 1970.

So what was my point here? None, really. I'm still racking my brain for a good 'Kill Bill' joke here (I'm feeling a bit crass today). Anyone heard any good ones lately?

May. 30th, 2009

MMMRRR... KENNE - Hey, Where'd He Go?

Then again, here's a nice tidbit I just found out that has ruined the rest of my week.

Following reports of Mr Kennedy injuring his wrist during last RAW's main event (the nth one he's had since he's joined the company), WWE posted this pleasant little shocker:

'World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of Raw Superstar Mr. Kennedy (Ken Kennedy) as of today, May, 29 2009. WWE wishes Ken the best in all future endeavors.'

NNNOOOO...!! I had such hopes for this guy! And it took them all of, what, five days to come to this decision??

Score another for TNA. I believe I hear Jeff Jarrett dialing this very minute; I mean, hey, he hired Nash, right?
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Dusting the Cobwebs...

Wow, haven't touched this in ages. And yet, there really is nothing much to write about, life-wise.

Got a second job at the accounts section of a nearby medical center. With the threat of swine flu (Doom! Panic! Or so they say!) seemingly around the corner, it may not have been the best move. Chasing up institutional payers and patients on outstanding accounts is also not a walk in the park. I'll stick out for about three months or so and then start looking around again.

Have a spiffy new laptop, which I am predictably using as the ultimate time-waster instead of something more worthwhile, like studying, I guess. O-Gee got my old (but still comfortingly reliable) PC, which is otherwise dubbed as the 'download computer'. Oh yeah.

Speaking of O-Gee, I hear her singing Utada Hikaru songs at the top of her lungs, quite audible through the wall that separates us. 'Scuse me while I bang on it and yell for her to shut up.

Back again. Lessee, what else... Oh, have tried to make a spreadsheet calculating every single one of my expenses, as I've started to worry that I've been spending way too much on stuff like clothes and recreational stuff. It turns out I was right to worry.

Forty-five minutes to TNA Impact. Feel kinda sleepy, but want to power through because I believe I read somewhere that Victoria was going to be there.

Have an exam on Tuesday and so I really need to get in gear and CRAM. Procrastination is a bitch. 'What's the use of a brain without ambition behind it?' I've lost track of how many times I've been asked that, me talking to myself included.

Mmm, I think I've rambled enough. Enjoy what's left of Saturday.

Feb. 24th, 2009

Will Act Like Idiot Human For Food

And here is a random video. Personally I find this more sad and disturbing than funny, but I suppose it's all about perception...

I Don't Quite Think That Classifies as a 'Glitch' Anymore...

Fanfiction.net has not been able to let its users log in to the site for going on three days now. This is the message I've been getting:

'Login/submission area is currently inaccessible due to a technical glitch. We apologize for the brief inconvenience. Please come back in a few minutes.'

Mm-hmm. Rumor has it that the site gods are doing another major upheaval and running a fine toothed comb through the unbelievable tangle of God knows what has infested that place.

Feb. 23rd, 2009

Randy 'Ram Jams' Milk? Or is It Vice-Versa?

So it's about half an hour since the Academy Awards finished, and while the average smark wouldn't care much about the outcomes, this is possibly the first year that all of us sat up to see exactly who would take the gong for Best Actor. Since the awards season began, the game has ultimately boiled down to two competitors, Sean Penn for Milk and Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler, while Brad Pitt, Frank Langella and Richard Jenkins were, I can only suspect, added to pad out the remainder of the nominees.

Prior to the Academy Awards, this was the tally:
Mickey Rourke's has been, deadbeat dad, wrestler Randy 'The Ram' Robinson - 14 awards (Golden Globe, BAFTA, Independent Spirit Award, and various other Film Critic Association Awards)
Sean Penn's openly gay politician Harvey Milk - 8 awards (SAG and various other Film Critic Association Awards)
Plus the two tied for BSFC (Boston Society of Film Critics) Best Actor Award... I didn't even know that was permissible, but ah well...

What I hadn't known was that Rourke engaged in what can only be called a petty campaign to pull Penn down, calling him a 'homophobe' and labeling his performance in Milk as 'average'. Apparently it's all over now after Rourke apologized to Penn, but I for one am still getting amusing if not slightly disturbing thoughts of the two as their respective characters settling their differences in the ring. And if Vince McMahon somehow arranges that for Wrestlemania 25 with Jericho as the special guest referee, I don't care what it'll cost me, I will hop the first flight out to Houston in order to scavenge for a front-row ticket.

Now that Mickey Rourke has lost the Oscar, it seems that the rumors of him going to Wrestlemania have intensified. Interestingly enough on Rourke's profile at the IMDB website, he is billed to make an appearance. What his actual level of involvement in the event will be I don't know, but since I was against this angle from the beginning, I can only pray it won't be a lot. (And wasn't Rourke told that Vince hated The Wrestler?)

Now to see how this is handled on RAW. Ah, pro-wrestling and Hollywood... let us both revel in the pretentiousness.

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